Using the Common Services for z/OS ENF/CICS component, ACF2 for CICS is not initializing completely in a CICS TS 5.3 region.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are upgrading a CICS region from 4.2 to 5.3. When we start the region, ACF2 for CICS Phase 0 initialization completes, but Phase 1 & 2 do not. I've reviewed our setup and cannot find anything obviously wrong.  At the same time, however, our sandbox CICS 5.3 region works fine with the same setup.  Why would all phases complete successfully in one region and not another? 




Using the Common Services ENF/CICS component to protect one or more CICS region(s) with either CA ACF2 or CA Top Secret.

Although the CICS region JCL was identical in the two environments, the inconsistent results were due to a difference in the ENF parms used to establish the security protection of the CICS region(s).

  • One set of parms was set up to install the ENF intercepts automatically in specific CICS regions and required CAW0LOAD to be made available to the region.  The reference to this dataset was missing from the CICS startup JCL and caused the problem with ACF2.

  • The other set of parms was set up to install the ENF intercepts automatically in regions running a specific CICS release. This setup does not require the availability of CAW0LOAD and allowed ACF2 to start correctly.    

As stated above, the ENF parms can be set to automatically install the intercepts in one of two ways:

  • In specific CICS regions:

    • The CAW0LOAD dataset must be made available to each CICS region you want to protect.  This can be done by using one of the following methods:
      • Add a CENFLIB DD Statement, which points to the CAW0LOAD Data set, to the CICS startup JCL
        •  If you use CENFLIB, the CAW0LOAD data set which contains module CAILPAM must be in the link list or CICS STEPLIB.
      • Add the CAW0LOAD data set to the CICS STEPLIB

    • Include the following CAIENF/CICS control option in your ENF parms
      • MODE(CICS,ON) 


  • For specific CICS releases:

    • ENF can be configured to install CAIENF/CICS intercepts in the CICS regions that are at specific releases.
      • There is no requirement to make CAW0LOAD available to CICS  

    • Update the CAIENF control option member with the following CAIENF/CICS control options:
      • MODE(CICS,ON)
      • CICSREL(nn,....) where nn = the specific CICS release(s) 


Additional Information:

The ENF MODE(CICS,ON), the CICSREL(nn...) parms, and the supported CICS releases used in the CICSREL parm  are detailed in 


The usage of the two parms is discussed in

  • CA Common Services r14.1 Administration Guide from the bookshelf 
  • CA Common Services r14.1 documentation wiki

  • Look for the following topics

    • Configure CAIENF/CICS to Install Intercepts Automatically in Specific CICS Regions  
      • Describes the MODE(CICS,ON) parm
      • The CICS JCL requirements

    • Configure CAIENF/CICS to Install Intercepts Automatically for Specific CICS Releases 
      • Describes the MODE(CICS,ON) parm used in conjunction with the CICSREL parm 
      • No JCL changes are necessary