Using the CADZSPLx "STOP" command instead of CLOSE or QUIESCE

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way of preventing any NEW data from being processed into the CADZSPLx address space so we can run our LDS backups?


When we issue the CLOSE command or QUIESCE command and the CA Dispatch subtasks are still active, it causes them to abend. We would like to leave CA Dispatch and the CADZSPLx task active so users can see their reports in Online viewing, but we don't want to compromise the integrity of our LDS backups.


Instead of the QUIESCE or CLOSE command, you can issue the following:


This command will turn off the dynamic intercept function for all tasks/classes as well as STOP off all of the various SAPI tasks that might be active. This will prevent any new data from coming into CADZSPLx and will allow the Dispatch subtasks to still function normally. It also allows for users to continue viewing their online viewing reports.

Once the LDS backups are complete, dynamic intercept processing and the SAPI tasks can be restarted either from the CA Dispatch VOPMI100 Subtask Status Screen (Option 8.1 from the main menu) or by issuing other CADDSPL operator "START" commands from the console.


Additional Information: 

Additional information on the STOP and START commands as well as other CADDSPL operator commands can be found in Chapter 7 of the CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide entitled "CADDSPL OPERATION.