Using SPECTRUM AlarmNotifier to identify Flash Green models (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31015 )

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Another solution that can be used is the GET_FLASH_GREEN functionality for the SPECTRUM Alarm Notification Manager. The SPECTRUM Alarm Notification Manager User Guide has the following information concerning this functionality:

GET_FLASH_GREEN - True (the default value) or False. This parameter lets you specify whether you want to receive the Flash Green status of a model. ClearScript is the only script that displays the Flash Green status. When Flash Green is enabled for a model, the model continues to flash green even after alarms are cleared. This signals that alarms have occurred even though they no longer exist. If the value of GET_FLASH_GREEN is set to False, the Flash Green status is always passed to the ClearScript as false. If set to True, the Flash Green status is correctly passed as either False or True.

FlashGreen - True or False. This parameter displays in ClearScript notifications but not in SetScript or UpdateScript notifications. True indicates that the cleared alarm is exhibiting the flash green condition (the flash green option for the model is enabled and the GET_FLASH_GREEN parameter in the .alarmrc resource file is set to True). Note that even though this field is not displayed by SetScript and UpdateScript notifications, the parameter is actually passed to these scripts, and because it is invalid, it has the default value of False in each script.

Using the GET_FLASH_GREEN functionality, the user can modify the ClearScript to check the value of the FlashGreen variable for the alarm that cleared. If True, the user could;

1. Send an e-mail stating the alarm had been cleared without being acknowledged.

2. Run a Command Line Interface (CLI) script to associated the model to a Global Collection. (This would require the user to manually remove the model from the Global Collection later.)

3. Additionally, the user does not have to acknowledge the Flash Green status

For more information on GET_FLASH_GREEN and AlarmNotifier in general, please refer to the AlarmNotifier User Guide and the SPECTRUM Alarm Notification Manager User Guide.


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Using SPECTRUM AlarmNotifier to identify Flash Green models

Problem Environment:
Flash Green
All Versions of SPECTRUM

Causes of this problem:
The Flash Green functionality is a way for SPECTRUM to identify a model that has an alarm asserted on it and then cleared without a user acknowledging the alarm first. In the SpectroGRAPH UI, the model will "flash" between GREEN and GREY. In the OneClick UI, it does not "flash". One way to resolve this in OneClick is to implement the steps outlined in Technical Solution TS26660. However, there are a few caveats with implementing this Technical Solution:

1. The minimum time to update a Global Collection automatically is 1 hour. If the user wants to update the Global Collection more frequently, they would need to do it manually from the OneClick UI or from the command line using the CLI update action command.

2. The model  has to be acknowledged to clear the Flash Green status. This is only available in the Alarms tab. The user will have to display Normal conditions in the Alarms tab to acknowledge them, use the command line or modify OneClick to add the acknowledge option to the Information tab.

3. SPECTRUM has the concept of Primary and Secondary alarms. SPECTRUM can assert multiple conditions on the same model at the same time. For example, SPECTRUM could assert a Major condition on a model because if exceeded a threshold. Then, SPECTRUM could lose contact with the model and then assert a Critical condition. Since the Critical alarm is the more severe alarm, SPECTRUM will display the most severe condition. When the Critical condition is cleared, if the Major condition still exists, SPECTRUM will set the condition to Major. If Flash Green was set to True for this model and the Critical alarm was not acknowledged, the model is technically in Flash Green status. The solution in TS26660 looks for a condition of Normal and would miss this.


(Legacy KB ID CNC TS31015 )