Using new dataset CDBJAUTH

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CDBJAUTH is described in the 3rd Edition of the CA File Master IMS Installation Guide
on page 13.                                                            
This is the target library for authorized load modules.   

Page 70 has;                                                       
Follow these steps:                                                
1. Authorize the hlq.CDBJAUTH target library.                      
2. Add the new authorized library to the Link List or to the system
   Steplib so that it can be accessed at IPL time.                 

The library is needed by the CAI Resource Initialization Manager (CAIRIM)
at IPL time when the product is being initialized via CAIRIM parm:      
as outlined in RI67595.                                                 
However, it's optional. See below excerpt from the Installation Guide.      

CA File Master Plus for IMS uses CAIRIM Common Services in a BMP environment
when dealing with segments that are either unkeyed or are defined to allow 
duplicate keys. If your databases have any of these segments, you must     
define a parameter that executes an initialization process each time you  IPL your system.                                                          
Note: Defining this parameter is optional if your databases do not have any
of these segments. ..."                                                   

The installation guide has a description of when the CAIRIM function will be needed.

CAI Resource Initialization Manager (CAIRIM) is the common driver for a   
collection of dynamic initialization routines that eliminate the need for 
user SVCs, SMF exits, subsystems, and other installation requirements     
commonly encountered when installing systems software. These routines are 
grouped under the CA z/OS dynamic service code, S910. CAIRIM is required to
run CA LMP. Some of CAIRIM's features include the following:              
 The ability to obtain SMF data                                           
 Verification of proper software installation                             
 Installation of z/OS interfaces                                          
 Automatic startup of CA Technologies and other vendor products           
 Proper timing and order of initialization                                

CAIRIM must be active on each system that runs CA File Master Plus for IMS
Add the following RIM statement to your product RIM PDS:                 
  This is the only way to incorporate Apar of RO67447.

 APAR #: RO67447                                                    
Product: FMIMS      Release: 8.5         Solution #: 212       
     OS: OS           Group: MFTEST GBL SUP 1                       
****************** VERSION 0   EFFECTIVE: FEB 20 2014   3:02 ********
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                
Paging down in a database that has unkeyed segments can result in the
'unable to reposition' error occurring. A similar problem might occur
when trying to delete or update an unkeyed segment.                 
The message 'unable to reposition' is displayed.