Using Cleverpath Portal to Serve the Forest & Trees Run-Time Component

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Summary: In the course of using the Cleverpath Forest & Trees Content Handler with Cleverpath Portal and publishing using the same, the Forest & Trees Runtime Environment must be downloaded to each client's machine. This document provides a method to serve the Runtime Environment executable from Cleverpath Portal.

Operating Systems: The following steps work regardless of server operating system.

Assumptions: This document assumes that Cleverpath Portal's media servlet (on the URL: /servlet/media) has not been locked down or limited in any fashion. If it has, then use of a separate server or share for the Runtime executable is advised. If you are using Forest & Trees 7.0 then the Runtime executable will be named ftwrt700.exe. If you're running Forest & Trees 7.1 then the Runtime executable will be named ftwrt710.exe.

Place the Runtime Executable within the portal's directory and servlet structure:

  1. Retrieve the Runtime executable, named ftwrt700.exe or ftwrt710.exe from the installation CD for Cleverpath Forest & Trees Runtime. It is typically located in the WebSetup folder on the installation CD.

  2. Copy ftwrt700.exe or ftwrt710.exe from the CD onto the portal server machine and move it into the [Cleverpath Portal Install Directory]\content\xml\api directory.

  3. Confirm that the Runtime executable is accessible by opening a browser to the following location (replacing [portal server name] and [port] with the values for your portal):

    If you are running Forest & Trees 7.0-
    http://[portal server name]:[port]/servlet/media/xml/api/ftwrt700.exe

    If you are running Forest & Trees 7.1-
    http://[portal server name]:[port]/servlet/media/xml/api/ftwrt710.exe

    You should be prompted to download/save or run/open the file.

If you implemented the Forest & Trees Content Handler in Cleverpath Portal (instructions in TEC378143)configure the Content Handler to point to the Runtime Executable:

  1. Edit the capftwch.htm file located in [portal installation path]\properties\ with a text editor.

  2. Change the reference to

    To both be the following URL (for Forest & Trees 7.0):
    http://[portal server name]:[port]/servlet/media/xml/api/ftwrt700.exe
    or (for Forest & Trees 7.1):
    http://[portal server name]:[port]/servlet/media/xml/api/ftwrt710.exe

After placement of the Runtime and configuring the capftwch.htm to reference it, the portal should now host the Forest & Trees Runtime and the Forest & Trees Content Handler should now redirect users to it when it is necessary to install or update the Runtime.

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