Using CAIRIM to load DBPCCPR or DBPCSPR while MUF is up

Document ID : KB000115279
Last Modified Date : 18/09/2018
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The CAS9 CAIRIM member does not have the reference for program call (PC) module DBPCCPR or DBPCSPR. Can we run the AXRIM01 (or DBRIM01) job to dynamically load these modules until the permanent change is made to the CAS9 CAIRIM member?
Yes, job AXRIM01 or DBRIM01 can be run at any time, and it will load the PC modules into memory until the next IPL. Hopefully, the CAS9 job will be updated by that time, so this job does not need to be run again.

When the CA Datacom MUF starts, it looks for these PC modules, and if they are not found - most likely because they were not loaded by a previous CAS9 CAIRIM execution - the MUF will load a portion of the code into memory. However, this code does not provide the full functionality of the PC modules, such as XCF execution.

Once the CAIRIM program has been run to load the PC Modules, the next time the MUF calls these modules, it will use the newly loaded versions.
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