Using Broadgun's PDF driver to create PDF files from Builder, Viewer, and Scheduler.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Summary: This document will explain how to install the BroadGun's pdfMachine print driver and configure it to work with CleverPath Reporter Builder, Server and Viewer for automated PDF creation on scheduled jobs.

Additional Software Requirements: BroadGun's pdfMachine print driver. For information on the features of this driver, click here:

You can click on "free download" to try this driver with the steps below. If this process works for you, this product should be purchased from the vendor directly:

Support for this driver would be provided by BroadGun (if available).

Only tested in 4.0.1 sp3, 4.2 and 4.2 sp1.

Steps for setting up the print driver and configuring Report Server:

  1. Install BroadGun's pdfMachine

    This installs a print driver that Report Server will use to "print" a job to a file and create it in PDF format.

    Once installed, you will see BroadGun pdfMachine listed as a printer in your print manager.

  2. Define the pdfMachine as a printer in CleverPath Reporter Server through the Cleverpath Reporter Server Configuration.

    1. Start / Programs / Computer Associates / CleverPath / Report Server / Configuration

    2. Select the Printers button, and the Select Printers dialog box appears. There will be "Available Printers" and "Selected Printers" windows. Highlight the Broadgun printer and hit the Add button (or just double click the Broadgun printer in the Available Printers window) and it should move to the Selected Printers window.

    3. This printer must be available to the user that starts your Cleverpath Reporter Server service.

  3. Next, the Broadgun printer needs to be configured.

    Navigate into your print manager:

    Go to Start -> Settings -> Printers -> BroadGun pdfMachine.

    Select Printer -> Printer preferences -> Options tab -> Options Button.

    On the "Next Action tab", set the "Next Action" to "execute command line" and modify the "Exec. Command" to "C:\createpdf.bat" (or whatever name you will use for the batch file).

    On the General tab, set "Save Filename action" to "Use document title as filename" and set the "default directory" to a folder for your PDF output (ex. C:\pdf ). Click OK and exit print setup.

    Create the folder specified above for your PDF output if it does not exist.


    Also uncheck the box: Show "Printing Status" window while printing.

  4. Using notepad or a text editor, create the batch file specified on the command line in the printer setup (ex. C:\createpdf.bat). In this example, the bat file will create the file c:\pdf\pdf.txt and insert the following text upon PDF creation: "Creating PDF".

    (Example of contents of createpdf.bat): Echo creating pdf > c:\pdf\pdf.txt


    This bat file will be executed each time a report submitted to "print" to pdfMachine completes, the pdf.txt file will be updated and the PDF will be created.

    The setup is now complete.

    How the report processing will work:

    Printing reports from the CleverPath Reporter Builder or Viewer:
    Open the report and chose either File / Print or the printer icon and from the printer dialog window select the Broadgun printer.


    To use the Broadgun printer for scheduled jobs, select Printer (from the Scheduler dialog) and then chose the Broadgun printer from the dropdown list:


    The submitted job will run (at its scheduled time) and its output will go to the directory specified in the Broadgun printer setup.

    Although in the printer setup "Use document title as filename" is used for the output filename, this is what you will get:

    From the Builder: CleverPath Reporter Builder.nnnnn.pdf
    Server:  CleverPath Server.nnnnn.pdf
    Viewer: CleverPath Viewer.nnnnn.pdf

    nnnnn is some unique number that's generated, so you will not overwrite existing output.

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