Users not shown in SC after created in EEM

Document ID : KB000097246
Last Modified Date : 21/05/2018
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Sometimes when a user is created in EEM for CA SC application it does not appear in SC. Then when we try to manually create him in SC log shows the following information: 
INFO [Rule Action Executor-2] [CreateEiamUserAction] Creating global user with user ID "NewUser" 
<timestamp> INFO [Rule Action Executor-2] [CreateEiamUserAction] Global user with user ID "NewUser" already exists. Skip user creation. 

Is this OK, or should I be concerned?
The message is harmless - that's why it's an INFO type rather than ERROR type. 

User information has to exist in two places for CA Service Catalog: 

1) In the EEM user Directory, whether that's an internal store or an external LDAP. 

2) In the MDB Database, e.g. ca_contact and usm_role_user tables. This is where Catalog looks up their role, cross-references the user with requests, etc. 

The message is confirming that we're skipping the creation in step 1. We still go ahead with the database part, so the creation completes. 

If the user only exists in the EEM but not the MDB, then you will indeed receive an error in Catalog that they don't "exist" as they're not a fully-registered user yet.