User is not able to see the configure option when trying to modify the Task Properties -> Assignments view

Document ID : KB000015686
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A user is trying to configure the Task Properties -> Assignments view, but the "Configure" option is missing. What could be the reason?


When a CA PPM user configures a list view, the cmn_grids table is populated with an entry.
Run the following select query in order to find out which views have been configured by that user:
select * from cmn_grids where principal_id = XXXXX (The principal_id column is the UserID affected)

You will get the set of porlets that have been configured by the user.
Check the code column of the result set from the query above to identify the exact row affected.

The row that we are interested on, is the one with code: projmgr.taskAssignmentList

Their values should be set to 1 for the Configure option to be available.
If these are set as 0, the row should be updated:
UPDATE cmn_grids SET ALLOW_CONFIGURE=1,ALLOW_EDITING=1,ALLOW_CONFIGURE_LABEL=1 where code='projmgr.taskAssignmentList' and principal_id = XXXX (userID affected)