User group change in OneClick

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a user is created in a certain group, the user gets created automatically into the Root group instead of in the designated group. It will therefore loose all privileges of the group and cannot log into OneClick.



When we create a new user it does a call back to OneClick indicating two things, "New User Added" and "User Changed". In this call back the user-group details are returned as null i.e., the "New User Added" update is overwriting the "User Changed" update and when OneClick receives this call back update with group-info as null, it then creates this user in the Root group instead of a designated group.



Fixed in Spectrum_10.01.01.PTF_10.1.121

 In this solution, we have swapped the group_association process with role_association, i.e., we first do user_model creation then role association and then group_association so that we get the call back update separately.

1. As the group_association process is delayed the user_model creation will send its call back to OneClick and this update will have null group details as a result the user will be first created under Root.

2. Now once the role_association is completed (which does not have any call back to OneClick), we start the group_association where this user is associated with its group. This association sends a call back to OneClick indicating user_changed with new group association. 

3. Once this update is received at the OneClick they move this user (which is created under Root) to the appropriate group and hence the user is finally created under the proper group.


Additional Information:

Spectrum_10.01.01.PTF_10.1.121 has been replaced with Spectrum_10.01.01.PTF_10.1.136, please see TEC1054355