CA PPM: User gets log-in page with error "CMN-01016: Your session has expired" if user modify the List Column Layout of a multi dimensional grid portlet.

Document ID : KB000031789
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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User gets user log-in page with error (CMN-01016: Your session has expired) if in the List Column Layout he adds columns AFTER [Data Column]* in a multi dimensional grid portlet.

Even though the user get log-in page the session is not terminated.


Steps to Recreate:

1. Add any multi dimensional grid portlet to any page, for example,  ootb portlet "name=Project Lifecycle Review" (ID=cop.projectLifeCycleReview ).

This portlet is a multi dimensional grid portlet:

Number of Dimensions= 2

Number of Metrics =1

Query =Project Life Cycle Review


2. Select a value for Methodology in the Filter and click on Filter.

You get the results.


3. Click on Configure. In List Column Layout notice that the last selected column is [Data Column]*

Move 3 column from Available to Select and AFTER [Data Column]*. Ex: move Stage ID, Stage Name, Stage Number

Click Save a Return

Click on Filter.


Expected Result:
Portlet returns the results and log-in page should not be displayed.


Actual Result:

It gives the user the CA log-in page with error (CMN-01016: Your session has expired.)


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.





This has been documented as CLRT-77988 and it is targeted for resolution in future release. 

If you need to add columns in the List Column Layout, put the columns before [Data Column]*

The [Data Columns] must be first or last.

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