Use RDP Application Transparent Login for Java Tool.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In general Java apps don’t work well. This is because they do not use standard windows forms, so the Learn Tool Control Viewer can’t read them.

Below I will provide an e.g. of a case. This doesn’t mean that all the java tools have same behavior.


This is the current jar that I want to use with Transparent Login:


1.Login Jar.jpg

1) Publish the Jar file. In this cases I published the LocalAdmin.jar

2) Launch the Learn Mode in the server where you published the jar.

3) Run the jar file (LocalAdmin.jar, in my case). You may notice that the tool is not recognized by the Learn Tool so we have to configure the Transparent Login Config user by clicking on Text input->Keystrokes.


In my e.g. I need the username and password:

<window id="">
<send id="window" username="true"/>
<send id="window" text="{TAB}"/>
<send id="window" password="true"/>
<send id="window" text="{ENTER}"/>

4) Now let’s validate and debug the tool with the Learn Tool:

a.       Click on the Debug button and browse the javaw.exe file in the ‘App path:’ field.


b.      Enter the window Title of the tool. In this case is Login.

c.       Enter the username and password.

d.      Click on Run.

e.      Run the java file (C:\LocalAdmin\LocalAdmin.jar)

f.        You should see that the fields are automatically completing with the user and password provided in the Debug.
And you should see the following information displayed in the command prompt:


5) If the result is successful then configure the RDP Application Service with the following command:

“<JAVA PATH>\javaw.exe” – jar <jar file>


“<JAVA PATH>\java.exe” – jar <jar file>


In my e.g. I have the following line:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_101\bin\javaw.exe" -jar C:\LocalAdmin\LocalAdmin.jar