Use different ACO's for IIS and Apache on a single host

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Last Modified Date : 21/12/2018
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We configured the CA SSO Web Agent for both IIS10 and Apache 2.4 with the Web Agent Configuration Wizard. We couldn't choose a different ACO (Agent Configuration Object) for Apache from the ACO for IIS.
12.52 SP1 CR06 Web Agent for IIS10 on Windows 2016.
Apache HTTP Server 2.4 for Windows is installed  on the same host.
It's a defect in the Web Agent Configuration Wizard of CA SSO 12.52 SP1 CR06 and later.
1. Complete all steps of the Web Agent Configuration Wizard with selecting both IIS10 and Apache despite no step for specifying the ACO for Apache.
2. Stop the Apache HTTP Server if it is running.
3. Go to the directory of the Apache's httpd.conf file and edit the WebAgent.conf file there with your text editor.
4. The name of Default Agent Configuration Object for IIS is set to the "AgentConfigObject" parameter in the file. Replace it with the name of the ACO parameter for Apache.
5. Save the file.
6. Start the Apache HTTP Server.