Use CA CSM to maintain products that were installed previously using SMP/E

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can use CA CSM to maintain products that were installed previously using SMP/E by placing the relevant SMP/E environments under CA CSM management. You can add information about an SMP/E environment that is created outside of CA CSM from the SMP/E Environments tab. The process starts a wizard that guides you through the migration.


Steps to migrate an SMP/E Environment to CA CSM:

  1. Click the SMP/E Environments tab, and click the Migrate SMP/E Environment link.

    Figure 1

  2. Specify the data set name of the SMP/E environment you want to migrate, and click Next.

    Figure 2

  3. Review the functions in the SMP/E environment that are listed, and click Next.

    Figure 3

  4. A list of zones with DDDEF associations appears.

    Figure 4

  5. After the migration is successfully completed, information about the SMP/E environment and associated products is saved in the CA CSM database and the migrated environment appears on the tree in the SMP/E Environments section.

    Figure 5

    Please note: For zones that do not have DDDEFs or have them partially populated, you can obtain the missing DDDEFs product installation JCL. Specify the required JCL data set and member in the DDDEF JCL field and click Get DDDEFs from JCL.

  6. To see UCLIN statements for the zone DDDEFs, click Show UCLIN at the bottom.

    Figure 6
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