url_response probe 4.43 does not allow _ or - in profile names

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Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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The latest url_response 4.43 Probe does not allow the use of "_" (underscore) or "-" ( hyphen) in the Profile names any more.
url_response 4.42, 4.43
url_response 4.42 (4.43) introduced this issue where the url_response prevents the use of _ and - in the the profile name creation with in the IM GUI. This issue doesn't affect Admin console.
An hotfix exists for this issue:
url_response url_response-4.44-T1-20171130.101423-2.zip 

Issues resolved:
• cannot use under scores in the profile name (Introduced in url_response 4.42)
• cannot use spaces in the substring after applying 4.43

This Hotfix does not resolve:
• cannot use hyphen "-" in the profile name (Introduced in url_response 4.42)

Workaround 1 (applicable to 4.42, 4.43, 4.44-T1)

Although the character is prevented when typing inside the GUI, you can still copy/paste the desired profile name it and save it correctly.

For example:

1. in a notepad type the desired name of the profile: "Profile-Name_url"
2. Copy and paste the profile name in the probe GUI
3. Save

Workaround 2:
Use Admin Console
Additional Information:
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