Upon initial Service Desk configuration with a SQL db; 'Task failed (Configure MS SQL Server). Continue?" error is received and configuration fails.

Document ID : KB000027033
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installing service desk 11.2 in a Windows NT environment with an SQL database, and when initiating configuration for the first time; the following message may be observed:

Task failed (Configure MS SQL Server). Continue?

The configuration log may show include:

"08/27 10:39:26.083 INFO MonitorSQLMDB.java 67 Null file passed to MonitorSQLMDB, using default at C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\mdb\mdbstatus.log

08/27 10:39:26.172 INFO InstallMSSqlMdbTask.java 180 The syntax of the command is incorrect.

08/27 10:39:26.172 ERROR InstallMSSqlMdbTask.java 192 Configure SQL server returns code 255

08/27 10:39:26.172 WARN TaskMediator.java 210 Configure MS SQL Server: Task failed (Configure MS SQL Server). Continue?"



  1.  Ensure the SQL credentials entered are accurate testing the connection to the MDB instance by running osql or SQL Client Tools.

  2. If the verification in step 1 is successful and you are installing Service Desk as a local system administrator, yet Configuration still fails with the same message, take the following steps.

  3. Install the MDB Remote Components and Service Desk using Install media without spaces in the directory path.

  4. Download a new copy of the install media (.iso image) from CA Support Online (http://support.ca.com) on to the Service Desk server. Some issues have been reported to CA technical support where the install media has been found to be corrupt.