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Last Modified Date : 21/03/2018
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Cisco device type Cisco2821
Device Family: Cisco IOS – SSH Capable
The device support the supports the CISCO-FLASH-MIB
Load Firmware Task results in Cause of Failure = Failure.
Note: The problem does not occur if customer upload a small firmware file.

Set the NCM_SnmpFirmwareUploadDebugFlag attribute to Yes on the device family collected the debug in the $SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT file.
From the VNM.OUT the upload is failing trying to capture the configuration...

spectrum tasks that are performed as part of Load Firmware are

1. upload firmware image from the server to the device.
2. Upload boot command configuration to the device. This occurs in three steps:
a. Capture running configuration.
The configuration must be captured so that the new command can be inserted into the current configuration.
b. Upload change
c. Write to NVRAM. The modified configuration must be written to startup so that the device will reload the specified image at boot time
3. Run reload script.

From trace:
Firmware Image: c2900xl-c3h2l9s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin
Destination Name: c2900xl-c3h2l9s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin
Boot Command: boot system flash flash:c2900xl-c3h2l9s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin
Backup Boot Command: boot system flash
From Server:
Timeout (sec): 600
Source Directory Name:
Erase: copyToFlashWithoutErase
Protocol: TFTP (0)
Reload: No Reload
Reload Immediately: false
reload command: 'reason (via Spectrum)'
CopyConfig: false
Script Login Timeout (sec): 5
Script Cmd Timeout (sec): 5
Device 0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl) supports the default family protocol of TFTP
Firmware Upload starting for mh=0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
Wait Period is 1000ms / 1 sec / 0.0166667 min.
Status of Firmware Image upload phase for Model 0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl) copyInProgress(1)
Status of Firmware Image upload phase for Model 0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl) copyInProgress(1)
Status of Firmware Image upload phase for Model 0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl) copyOperationSuccess(2)
Error = 0x821f02 for Model 0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
/tftpboot/. File will need to be removed manually.
Firmware Image was Upload Successful. Upload of boot cmd is starting ... for mh=0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
Boot cmd(s) being upload are:
no boot system
boot system flash flash:c2900xl-c3h2l9s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin
for mh=0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
c 'no boot system
boot system flash flash:c2900xl-c3h2l9s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin' starting for mh=0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
Initial Capture running config failed with error 0x821002
Upload config failed with error 0x1 for mh=0x5a0771f (PA00844-CORLEONE.rl)
do_load has finished with error: 0x1

---------> 0x00821002 mean SCM_TIMEOUT

Spectrum 10.2.0 on Linux 
Problem caused by very poor performance of TFTP server. Several hours to copy a large firmware file.  
Looks like a problem on TFTP server that is taking a lot (several hours) to copy a large firmware file. No problem with short file, only with large files (470MB) the upload firmware fails. Setting a TFTP timeout very high eg. 36000 on the Network Configuration TFTP setting the upload of large firmware file worked fine.