Upgrading of agents using Software Delivery job fails on systems where short file names are disabled.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Upgrading an agent using a Software Delivery job fails.  it is either in an Active state or a waiting state with a message of 'Job interrupted by re-run request'. 


Client Automation on Windows agents


This problem occurs on Windows systems that have short names disabled. On such systems, the $rf parameter evaluates to e.g.

 "C:\Program Files\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec\FCBA8E6F-0490-4D7C-9B75-37D5B2E1BEFF.res" 

Instead of


DeployWrapper is not designed to handle long names that contain a space. This results in wrongly built msiexec statements like:

2624: 2016-02-25 11:45:39 : command line <msiexec.exe /i "Z:\activate\560BC042-E4C9-4EFC-9DCF-95C2ED572D33.itm\1.vol\AgtBHW.msi" REBOOT=REALLYSUPRESS CAF_START_SERVICE=0 AGENT_SERVER="" ALLUSERS=1 Files\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec\DA2370AF-99D1-4455-AD43-E29C2A5552E6.res" /qn /l*v+ "D:\Program> 

Notice the /l*v+ parameter is truncated and the last part is inserted directly after ALLUSERS=1, corrupting the command line.


create a new version of the agent package to be used on systems where the 8.3 shortnames have been disabled and modify the installation procedure: Instead of 
/INST CopiedAgents AGENT_SERVER="" $#bg $#ec:0 $#ec:3010 $#ec:1641 ALLUSERS=1 $up /qn /l*v+ $rf 


/INST CopiedAgents AGENT_SERVER="" $#bg $#ec:0 $#ec:3010 $#ec:1641 ALLUSERS=1 $up /qn /l*v+ %TEMP%\itrmsetup.log 

Or reinstate the default of allowing short names to be created and set a short name for program files: 
Restart computer 
upon boot start in safemode with cmd prompt (F8 on my computer) 
Log in 
from cmd prompt enter the following cmds 

fsutil 8dot3name query 
fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0 
fsutil file setshortname "Program Files" PROGRA~1 
dir /X

Additional Information:


More information about how to change or query shortnames can be found on https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/ff621566.aspx