Upgrading an RA FTP Agent for Windows

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Upgrading an RA FTP Agent for Windows

Obtain the RA FTP solution fromthe download center. Select thefollowing filters:



RA FTP Solution

Download Files

Hit "Go."

Download the latest version – it shouldbe the first result.

Next, download the Agent Core byselecting the following filters:

UC4 Automation Engine



RA Core

Download Files

Before these next steps, make acopy of the RA FTP Agent's .ini file that you intend to update to save theinformation contained. Once you have obtained these files, unzip them and runthe "Setup.exe" file contained in the Core/windows/x86/ directory that was justmade. Install the files to the RapidAutomation directory that was created atthe beginning of this KBE. After installation has completed, go into theRapidAutomation directory and edit the ucxjcitx.ini file – you will need toensure the name= and system= lines reflect your company's naming conventionsand Automic system name. If they do, save and exit the .ini file. If not, copy theinformation you require from the old .ini file that you saved.

Afterwards, you will need to loadthe RA Solution's .jar file. Use the Utility DB Load (ucybdbldg.exe) to performthis.

Your Agent should be fully set upand configured at this point, ready for jobs to be run against it.