Upgraded Roscoe and receive the following message: OUTEXIT: COMMAND DENIED

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Last Modified Date : 25/09/2018
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Upgraded Roscoe and receive the following message: OUTEXIT: COMMAND DENIED. How is this resolved?
z/OS any level
Roscoe 6.0
The OUTEXIT is used for output management and prefix matching. It could do other things if you added other custom code. There are two possibilities to review.

1) The current PTFs APPLYd changed some control blocks used by the exit. JES made some changes and Roscoe had to keep up.      The exit may or may not have re-assembled the OUTEXIT when the upgrade was performed. If not, then this step should be performed. 

2) PTF RO99272 makes additions/corrections to the OUTEXIT to accommodate the earlier changes made in the PTFs that were published earlier and to accommodate the JES changes made by IBM. This should be APPLYd, along with the other PTFs mentioned. Then the OUTEXIT must be re-assembled on the system it will be executing on just like any other user exit. 

In overview, keep in mind that if you do not wish to use the OUTEXIT all you have to do is delete the load module from the Roscoe load library. Roscoe will make the call, notice there is no OUTEXIT and continue on with normal processing. The only function the exit adds as it sits right now is make sure the prefix of the user id is the same as the job output. Not very many customers care about this since many job names are generic.