Upgrade to Version 8.00A or 9.0 fails with Oracle error ORA-01031

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Upgrade to Version 8.00A or 9.0 fails with Oracle error ORA-01031
Detailed Description and Symptoms

?The error appears during the Upgrade process, mostly on the Loadutility while UC_UPD.txt is loaded to the database:

the error appearing looks as followings like below:

U0003590 DB error: 'OCIstmtExecute', 'ERROR ', '', 'ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

ORA-06512: at "UC4_OWNER.UC_GET_LAST_AGENT_LOG", line 9

ORA-06512: at line 4'
(the "line" messages can vary)


The Error is happening during the upgrade process from earlier Version (6.00A) to  8.00A or Automation Engine 9.00A.

The error can only occur if you use ORACLE for your UC4 Database environment

To investigate the issue do steps below:

1.) check the logfile of the dbload process this can be find in \temp\ directory of the utilities and its called UCYBDBLD_LOGG_00.TXT which is the most recent one

2.) open the logfile, and scroll down below of the .ini file, search for the line

U0003590 DB error: 'OCIstmtExecute', 'ERROR ', '', 'ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

if this line appears, you can be sure that you have described issue, and below provided solution will work:


These errors indicate the user is missing a privilege. Here is the information from the documentation. Please pass this onto your DBA and check that the user has these:
We recommend creating an extra database user for UC4 who has the following authorizations:

CREATE PROCEDURE (loading initial data)
Read access to the view user_tab_columns
Execute procedures whose names start with "UC_"
The right to run the function GET_SCHEMA_NAME
The right EXECUTE for the DBMS package (command to set this right: GRANT execute ON dbms_lock TO <schema_name>)