Is Xmanager needed to be up during post-install?

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Last Modified Date : 11/05/2018
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Upgrading from R19 to R20, customization job 0550 failed because it failed to locate XMANAGER. After starting the Xmanager started task, the job ran successfully.
User claimed to have run this job in past release with Xmanager down. He's curious to know what changed. 

xmanager started task needs to be up to complete these install steps Unable to establish XMANAGER connection. Verify PARMLIB(SETUPxx) XMANID parm and the started task. Not sure what release you're able to run in the past without xmanager being up. Xmanager being up requirement goes back few releases like R19, R18, etc.. Execution Manager (Xmanager) establishes and controls an execution environment that is required by all the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS that run under the driver PTLDRIVM. Xmanager executes as a started task in its own address space. Xmanager is used by all the products on a single LPAR. Installing a product on a different LPAR requires a separate Xmanager, and thus these customization steps must be processed again. Xmanager customization consists of the following items, which are all required: 1. Prepare the Xmanager procedure 2. Authorize data sets for Xmanager use 3. Add the XMANID to your SETUPxx member 4. Start Xmanager 5. Verify Xmanager initialization INS Start XManager