Upgrade to CABI 3.0 failed with CMS database error: STW00226

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The solution describes how to avoid this error during upgrading of BOXI R2 to CABI 3.0: CMS database error: STW00226 Database access error. Reason No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement. The problem is due to database access error, caused by specifying incorrect parameters to existing MySQL or specifying MySQL CMS database parameters of previous BOXI R2 without the necessary creation of a new empty database and required granting of database access privileges.


This problem can be avoided by selecting a new MySQL installation during the upgrade.
Please refer to below screen capture that was taken during the upgrade on a Windows platform.

Figure 1

In the case of anew MySQL database server installation, the installer creates a completely different instance of MySQL and creates the required database with proper database access privileges.

To use an existing MySQL of previous BOXI R2, prepare your database before upgrading to CABI 3.0

  1. Create a new tablespace, schema, or database to act as the CMS database.
    The exact terminology will depend on the database platform.
  2. Create another database for the auditing database if you plan to enable auditing (or you can use the same database for auditing purposes).
  3. Create a new user account and password to be used by BusinessObjects Enterprise to access the CMS database.
  4. Create another username and password if you plan to enable auditing.
  5. Grant privileges to the user, where the database user can create, modify, and delete tables and create procedures.
  6. Record the name of the databases, the user accounts, and the passwords created, so that the details are available when you run the BusinessObjects Enterprise installer.

For more details refer to CA Business Intelligence Implementation Guide, Chapter 2: "Prepare to Install", under the section Central Management Server Database Requirements and Preparation. All the CA Spectrum product documentation can be located at SupportOnline at: https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/DocumentationResults productID=137491&releaseID=9.2&languageID=ENU&actionID=2