Upgrade to CA PPM version 15.3 and above fails

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Last Modified Date : 03/05/2018
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Upgrade to version 15.3 of CA PPM can fail if there is no Jaspersoft Reporting server connected to the system being upgraded. The error that comes up in the install.log would be similar to the one shown below:

4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask) Executing Ant script: /App/PPM/clarity/upgrade/15.3.0/component/postupgrade/dms.xml
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask) Creating folder in DMS for Jaspersoft Scheduled reports output.
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask) Exception in thread "main" com.niku.union.exceptions.DMSException: Database exception thrown.
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.dms.service.DMSService.createFolderWithoutPermCheck(DMSService.java:822)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.dms.upgrade.CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.createReportOutputFolderInDMS(CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.java:90)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.dms.upgrade.CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.doUpgrade(CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.java:62)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.union.utility.AbstractUpgrade.run(AbstractUpgrade.java:362)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.dms.upgrade.CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.main(CreateJaspersoftSchedulesOutputFolder.java:98)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask) Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     at com.niku.dms.service.DMSService.createFolderWithoutPermCheck(DMSService.java:766)
4/22/18 2:35 AM (ExecTask)     ... 4 more
Make sure that a Jaspersoft reporting server is connected to the system being upgraded.

A basic connectivity test can be done by navigating to "Reporting" tab in CSA. The "Status" here should be "Available" as shown in the screenshot below

If a tenant for the PPM system that is being upgraded, does not exist in the Jaspersoft server, then, Jaspersoft content import should be done, as explained here, under "JasperReports Server Post-Installation Recommendations". Further, test the connectivity by running a Jaspersoft report from PPM.

Note: For upgrade from a version prior to 14.3, an upgrade to 14.3 can be done. Versions 14.3 and above are compatible with Jaspersoft server 6.4.2.

For other related information regarding upgrade to 15.3, go through the Release Notes here.