UPGRADE FROM 2.8.3 TO 3.2 - Vmware clone backup not allowing Login or connection

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Last Modified Date : 05/07/2018
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UPGRADE FROM 2.8.3 TO 3.2 needs a Backup as first step from documentation.
Appliances in ESX server needs a full clone as backup for rollback if something happens bad during the upgrade.
The plan of upgrade from 2.8.3 to 3.2 version is before do a confident copy of orignal PAM servers as backup to be possible rollback if upgrade path from 2.8.3 to 3.2 have any failure.

However when client did using Vmware ESX UI the function to clone the virtual machine. The new virtual machine generated is unusable.

Trying to login via CA PAM client or web interface it's not allowed and reseting the connection.
PAM 2.8.3 two nodes in cluster
When cloning by VMWARE ESX this generates a new macaddress for the Network Interface of machine.
If starts the cloned machine in this situation, the machine will not allow connection and it's necessary before start the machine first time their 
Network Interfaces mac addresses to same of orignal machine.

1) Stop PAM Cluster
2) Shutdown orinal PAM server01 and clone the vmware machine using ESX user interface.
3) Get the mac adresses from each interface of original vmware using Vmware console UI ESX of each and put manually in the cloned machine to reflect the cloned machine (ESX when clone machines generate one new mac address)
4) Keep the original Pam servers down as rollback plan and working in the cloned machines to upgrade from 2.8.3 to 3.2 following the migration plan from docops.

Please, see in "Additional Information" a screenshot of Vmware ESX server editing the Network Interfaces of one cloned PAM server. It's need manual adjust for mac addresses to reflect original machine.
Additional Information:
vmware screenshot