Updating the expiration date on a multi-file volume & Catalog Control Tapes

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Last Modified Date : 23/01/2019
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I have several multifile volumes that I would like to expire. If I update the expiration date on just the first file of the volume, will that control expiration of all the datasets on the volume? Or do I have to update all of the datasets' expiration dates on the volume? 

One more question, does the same hold true if all the datasets are catalog controlled? If the first dataset on the first volume becomes uncataloged, will the tape expire? Or do all of the datasets on all of the volumes have to become uncataloged before the tape will expire?
Yes, If you update the EXPDT on the VOLUME record (1st file), that becomes the EXPDT for the entire tape. It does not propagate the EXPDT to the secondary file records, but it the EXPDT for the tape as a whole. The secondary files will expire once the 1st file on the tape has expired even if they have EXPDT's that are shorter than the 1st file. 

Tapes under catalog control are a little different. Let me give you a couple of examples. 

A tape has 3 files all under catalog control. File 1 is uncataloged, we will still keep the tape because file 2 and 3 are still cataloged. We will not scratch the tape until all 3 files are uncataloged. 

A tape has 3 files, the first 2 are under catalog control, and the 3rd file is to be kept until Dec 31. When file 1 and file 2 are uncataloged we will look at file 3 and see that it should still be kept so we will change the EXPDT for the volume to Dec 31. On Dec 31 the tape will be scratched. This is only done if the tape was under catalog control.. If it is under CYCLE or LDATE control we only look at the volume EXPDT field.