Updating Dataset file at design time, does not update it in DevTest Step

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Last Modified Date : 30/03/2018
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Modifying a Dataset file  at design time.   
Why Devtest does not update the step result when you modify the values of a dataset file  at design time?

Steps to follow:
1. Create a xml file say for  example:  results.xml 
2. In results.xml, write the below lines and save the xml: 
3. In Workstation, add "Read a File(Disk,URL,or Classpath)" and browse to this file.  
4. Go to the Filters section, add Parse Text from XML option and set the Tag as " myXMLValue"  
and Property as {{myXMLValue}} 
5.  Add Output Log Message  step and add this text,  test = {{myXMLValue}} 

Run the script and check the value of displayed for test. 
it will give as test=TEST1 

7. Now, go to results.xml, and modify myXMLValue tag value to TEST5 and save the xml. 
8. Run the above script and see that the value of test=TEST1 

my expectation is test=TEST5. 

it works when I close the workstation and launch the workstation and run the script again.. 

the value of test=TEST5 is displayed.
All supported DevTest environments 

Datasets/Assets  are loaded when the test is loaded.  Any changes made to the dataset, will not be shown unless you save and re-load the testcase. This is the expected behavior in DevTest.