Updating CA Spectrum models to utilize the Spectrum 9.4 device certification updates.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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As part of CA Spectrum 9.4 there are over 170 device certification updates which varies from new management modules to updated management modules.

The Spectrum device certification website will be updated (http://ehealth-spectrum.ca.com/devices) however Spectrum models will need to be converted.

If you do not convert the models, you may see "Different Type Model" alarms (Cause Code 0x10203)


The solution is to run the <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/PostInstall/NewMM.pl script. Full details are provided in the CA Spectrum Installation Guide under the "Convert Existing Models to Newly-Supported Model Types" section in Chapter 10. Here is a condensed list with extra steps for saving the SpectroSERVER modeling database (SSdb):

  1. Make sure that each SpectroSERVER is running

  2. It is recommended (but not mandatory) that you save each SSdb from either the Spectrum Control Panel or the VNM model prior to running the NewMM.pl script.

  3. Navigate to the <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/PostInstall directory as the spectrum install owner and run the NewMM.pl script.

  4. Answer the questions and the script will then "convert" the existing models to the new modeltype.

The device must be up and contactable in order to be converted. Also, devices in maintenance mode or in hibernation mode will not be converted.

Please note that this conversion does destroy and recreate the model while retaining some of the previous model's settings. This means that the updated model will have the same name and some other features, but it will have a new model handle.

The NewMM.pl MUST be run for ALL SpectroSERVERs. You can run it from the same machine (ie. the Main Location Server "MLS") but you will need to specify each landscape individually.

As an alternative to using the NewMM.pl script, you can destroy and recreate with model by IP. Spectrum will create the new model as the updated modeltype.

The NewMM.pl post-installation script affects the following model types:

  • Rtr_Cisco

  • Cisco_12000

  • SwCat6xxx, SwCat35xx, and SwCat4xxx

Rerun Multicast and/or VPN discovery and reapply customizations after you run the post-installation scripts. This process helps ensure the correct modeling and management of the newly created device models within your environment.