Updated CSD Entries for TSSCAI and TSSCICS to Execute in CICS Key

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In CA Top Secret 16.0, a new enhancement has been added to help improve performance about TSSCAI program and TSSCICS program as below.

- TSSCAIN has been merged into TSSCAI. To access TSSCAIN, you now need to call TSSCAI.

- TSSCICSN has been merged into TSSCICS. To access TSSCICSN, you now need to call TSSCICS.


What are the points we must consider towards because these programs were merged? 


In Version 16.0, the TSSCAI and TSSCICS programs need to execute in CICS key. For each program, member TSSCSD contains the proper the CICS system definition (CSD) entry that specifies EXECKEY(CICS). 


As part of the definition of the CICS parameters for CA Top Secret environment, you need to run the CAKOJCL0 member TSSCSD and update the CSD file by the following procedure;

1. Apply PTF RO88130.

   This PTF remove CSD entries TSSCICSN and TSSCAIN from member TSSCSD in CAKOJCL0.   

2. In the CSD entries, delete the group name TOPSGRP and CAKSGRP defined in previous release of CA Top Secret 15.0 or before.

3. Run the CAKOJCL0 member TSSCSD and re-define the CSD entries.   

4. Start CA Top Secret 16.0 region up.

   Then start the CICS region up with COLD the first time after changing the above CSD entries. 


Note. Does not need to re-assemble and link user programs using the TSSCAI or TSSCICS.

Additional Information:

For more information, review TSSCSD or review the documentation about CSD PROGRAM and TRANSACTION sample entries.