UPDATE statements partially generated for REDO SQL

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Last Modified Date : 31/12/2018
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When running Log extract job for REDO SQL and detail level DETAIL, partial SQL statements are generated. 

LAE0041W Warning - Errors encountered during SQL generation. The generated SQL file contains partial SQL statements. These partial statements  can be located by searching the SQL file for message "LAE0037E".    

LAE0098W n update(s) were discarded during DML Activity reporting. Log records are discarded whenever incomplete row images or data  formatting errors prevent log analyzer from determining if the log record meets your selection criteria.  A log record may also be discarded if log analyzer is unable to format the column data needed to build a LOAD output format record or REDO/UNDO SQL statement.    

LAE0040E Primary key data is incomplete.   A partial SQL stmt will be built.

LAE0037E Unable to generate a full UPDATE type SQL statement for:           
followed by the table details.
As the tables are defined as DATA CAPTURE NONE, so the update in the report is only partially logged.
To have full updates and to be able to construct REDO SQL statements, you will need to run the same report with IMAGCOPY level of detail instead of DETAIL. 

To avoid running IMAGCOPY level of detail, which requires additional log reading, the setting of DATA CAPTURE CHANGES on tables is an alternative option.