Update Product (Release) hangs at 50%

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Update Product or Update Product Release hangs at 50% and do not come to an end.
187 - Getting Product/Release Information - Transferred : 211822128 bytes of 211825152

This usually happens when very large pax-files are attempted to be downloaded, like CA Chorus Software Manager 6.0 or MFNSM pax-file of CA Common Services.
It may not happen for all products.


Usually this is a timeout problem during the ftp download of very large datasets.
The timeout parameter can be specified in the pasadvop member located in your Runtime SAMPLIB.
To identify your pasadvop member, please look into CA Chorus Software Manager Gui at
/Settings/System Settings/Software Acquisition for parameter
Advanced Settings Data Set:

Please try setting the default.timeout in PASADVOP data set to a value higher than 0.
The value of this option represents time in milliseconds. The default value 0 is interpreted as an infinite timeout. Some environments can encounter timeout issues when downloading large files that are 200 MB or more.

With CSM 6.0 and 5.1 build 106 and higher a new parameter has been introduced which helps here as well:

Keepalive packets (no-operation packets) prevent routers from closing a control connection during large file transfers after a certain period of inactivity. The control.keep.alive.timeout option specifies how often (every x seconds) a keepalive packet is sent.
The control.keep.alive.timeout option is not specified by default (no keepalive packet is sent). You can set this option to the required frequency of sending keepalive packets (in seconds).

In many cases the solution for this problem is to change the pasadvop parameters default.timeout and add control.keep.alive.timeout. See sample below.

            control.keep.alive.timeout=50           <<<------ New parameter

In order to activate changes to the pasadvop member a restart of MSMTC is required.

CSM does not have the ability to cancel a hanging task. Restart of MSMTC is necessary to end such task.