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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article describes everything you need to know to update or upgrade from any patch on to These include the issue overview, detail download and upgrade procedure as show below:

Overview of the update from to

CA eHealth Release requires the Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition 11.2.04 or later database.

During updates from (0X < 13) to CA eHealth release, the installation program recognizes the prior installation of CA eHealth on your system and does not prompt you for the CA eHealth home directory. The installation program will also detect the version of Oracle you are running and determine if it must be updated to Oracle

When updating to CA eHealth r6.3.2.13 from CA eHealth and earlier, Oracle will need to be updated to version because and earlier are running Oracle

When updating to CA eHealth r6.3.2.13 from or later no Oracle update is required because or later have already run Oracle

What needs to be done prior to the update from to

It is strongly recommended to always have a good backup of your data (nhSaveDb) before starting the update to CA eHealth Release 6.3.2.xx. It's better to have an ASCII database save because it can be loaded back easily in any situations.

The Destination CA eHealth Release MUST be on a Certification Level that is greater than or equal to the Source Certification Level 6.3.2.x where x=12 D18 Please use the tables below to determine the installation mechanism to get your system to CA eHealth r6.3.2.13:

source              source OS        destination      destination OS   method

6.3.2.n (D17 or less)

 Solaris 10

   Solaris 10




6.3.2.n (D17 or less)


Win 2008

64 bit



2008 64 bit





6.3.2.n (D17 or less)


All Windows OS


Windows 2012


Machine Migration


6.3.2.n (D17 or less)


Linux 5.8


Linux 5.8





Download Procedure for Update to CA eHealth r6.3.2.13 from 6.3.2 to

1. Go to Support site URL (https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/SolutionCDNResults).

2. Under “Select a Product” choose “CA eHealth E2E Console - MULTI-PLATFORM” from drop down list.

3. Select 6.32 as a release, then click “Go” at the bottom; download the following media depending on your OS types.

4. Click the green Matches arrow on the top middle of the page to advance to the next page if you don’t see your items listed.



Procedure for Update to CA eHealth r6.3.2.13 from 6.3.2 to 

1. Create a directory named and two

subdirectories each named eh6.3.2.13 and OracleUpdate on the partition where CA eHealth is installed.

2. Copy CA EHEALTH MAINTENANCE RELEASE into the directory named eh6.3.2.13, then unzip it using a zip utility.

3. Copy CA EHEALTH 6.3.2 ORACLE UPDATE into the directory named OracleUpdate, and then unzip it using a zip utility. 

4. Go to directory eh6.3.2.13 and click setup.exe (Windows) or run ./Install (Linuxand Solaris) to start the update installation.

5. When prompted, enter full path for OracleUpdate directory.

6. Follow the prompts to complete the update.