Update Cost totals not updating ETC Cost Post Upgrade

Document ID : KB000100848
Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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The update cost totals is not updating the ETC Cost until the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job is run in 15.2 and higher. In earlier PPM versions, the Rate Matrix Extraction job did not have to be run in order for the ETC Cost to update. 

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Add a role to the Team tab of a project (Make sure the Role has an entry in the Rate Matrix)
  2. Assign the role to a task on the project (Ensure there is ETC assigned to the role)
  3. Run the update cost total job
Expected Result: The ETC Cost and EAC (T) fields on the Task and Assignment are updated reflecting the ETC for that resource/role
Actual Result: The ETC Cost is unchanged (zero for new assignment)
This is due to On-the-fly Rate Matrix being disabled post upgrade starting in 15.2. If this is not enabled, the RME job is required to run after these types of changes.

Option 1: Schedule the Rate Matrix Extraction job to run in incremental mode

It should be run prior to the Post Timesheets job and also run frequently throughout the day (recommended at least every hour if possible) 

Option 2: Enable On-the-fly RateMatrix 

IMPORTANT: Impact of enabling this setting:

This setting can made in PPM by using the below steps:

  1. Log in to PPM as an Administrator and go to Administration->Security and Diagnostics->Health Report
  2. Click on the Application tab
  3. Under General->On-the-fly RateMatrix click on the 'Enable' link (The value for the On-the-fly option should then switch immediately to Enabled)
Additional Information:

Reference Change Impact and Upgrade (On Premise) for details on the Rate Matrix change and other CA PPM changes
See KB000025696 for details on what the Rate Matrix Extraction job does and how is it used