Unknow alert received... Trap Type

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Last Modified Date : 17/10/2018
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we are getting the message: 
Unknow alert received from device xxxxx fo type GnSNMPDev. Device Time 9+02:21:15 Trap Type
Trap var bind data:
OID Value yyyyyyy
OID Value :z.

This OID and trap is in the MPLS-TE-STD-MIB from mib2 which is part of the Spectrum default traps as
mplsTunnelDown :
Why are we getting an unknown alert message for a mapped trap?
A grep on the oid of the unknown alert, on 10.2.0 shows as follows:

> grep -r .
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:     0x04520304,2)\
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:                              ,0)
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:     0x04520305,2)\
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:                              ,0)
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:     0x04520306,2)\
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:                              ,0)
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:     0x04520307,2)\
./Mpls/MplsTeApp/AlertMap:                              ,0)

but on 10.3 it is different

$ grep -r . 
./Mpls/RFC3812App/AlertMap: 0x04520304,2)\ 
./Mpls/RFC3812App/AlertMap: 0x04520305,2)\ 
./Mpls/RFC3812App/AlertMap: 0x04520306,2)\ 
./Mpls/RFC3812App/AlertMap: 0x04520307,2)\ 

Neither of these matches the oid of the trap that came in, where the penultimate digit is 6 instead of 0.

To resolve this, copy the trap mappings above over to the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/AlertMap and update the trap oid to use the as seen in the unknown alert.

Additional Information:
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