Unix Jobs that exit with 255 and Windows jobs that exit with 127 still show running.

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Last Modified Date : 22/06/2018
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When specifying an exit 255 in a Unix script or exit 127 in a Windows script, the scheduling manager shows the job remains in a running/exec state.



This is expected behavior as documented in the CA Workload Automation Agents - 11.3.4 CA WA Agent for UNIX, Linux, Windows, or i5/OS Agent Parameters guide.

Reference the parameter oscomponent.noexitcode which states: 

Specifies the exit code that tells the agent not to send a completion code to the scheduling manager host.

Default: 255 for UNIX, 127 for Windows

Reference https://docops.ca.com/ca-workload-automation-system-agent/11-4/en/reference/ca-wa-agent-for-unix-linux-windows-or-iseries-agent-parameters#CAWAAgentforUNIX,Linux,Windows,oriSeriesAgentParameters-oscomponent.noexitcode for more details on this setting.



Set the oscomponent.noexitcode as appropriate for the OS that the agent resides on.
UNIX/Linux: oscomponent.noexitcode=256

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