Uninstall agents manually

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way to uninstall all the plugins at one go using the command line?



All versions of CA Client Automation



The ITCM agent plugins can be uninstalled using the following MSIEXEC commands.

CA Basic Inventory agent
msiexec /x {501C99B9-1644-4FC2-833B-E675572F8929} /l*v "c:\logs\rmbiagt.log" /qn

CA Asset Management Agent
msiexec /x {624FA386-3A39-4EBF-9CB9-C2B484D78B29} /l*v "c:\logs\rmamagt.log" /qn

CA Asset Management Performance LiteAgent
msiexec /x {B6588B4E-CF7C-4FF7-AC15-62A8FFD2A506} /l*v "c:\logs\rmplagt.log" /qn

CA Systems Performance LiteAgent
msiexec /x {019094B6-40C9-45AE-A799-CCA2D6AA66A6} /l*v "c:\logs\rmsplagt.log" /qn

CA Remote Control Agent
msiexec /x {84288555-A79E-4ABD-BA53-219C4D2CA20B} /l*v "c:\logs\rmrcagt.log" /qn

CA Software Delivery Agent
msiexec /x {62ADA55C-1B98-431F-8618-CDF3CE4CFEEC} /l*v "c:\logs\rmsdagt.log" /qn

Scalability Server
msiexec /x {9654079C-BA1E-4628-8403-C7272FF1BD3E} /l*v "c:\windows\temp\rmserver.log" /qn

Data Transport Service
msiexec /x {C0C44BF2–E5E0–4C02–B9D3–33C691F060EA} /l*v "c:\windows\temp\rmdts.log" /qn

CA Connection Broker Service
msiexec.exe /x {25CCFBFE-BDE1-43F8-B078-C9AC89B21AF2} /qn

CA Message Queuing Server (CAM)

camdeins.exe -s

Go to the folder "..\CA\SC\CAPKI\Windows\x86\32" and run the following command:
Uninstaller.exe remove caller=CADSMCAPKI Verbose

Note: You can write a script with the individual commands to uninstall all the plugins.

***For a complete listing of ITCM product codes, please refer to page 210 in the Implementation guide.