Unicenter CA-MII Data Sharing and IBM Global Resource Serialization: A Comparative Analysis

Document ID : KB000055904
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Unicenter CA-MIM Resource Sharing (Unicenter CA-MIM) is a leading systems management and automation product that allows for the safe sharing of hardware resources (DASD, consoles, and tape devices) among multiple system images. The DASD sharing component of the product is called Unicenter CA-MII Data Sharing (Unicenter CA-MII), providing serialization and safe sharing of managed resources based on ENQUEUE/DEQUEUE and RESERVE/RELEASE requests issued within the systems it serves. It has been the industry's standard since the mid-1970s, and it continues to be enhanced to exploit the latest hardware and software technologies.

With today's parallel sysplex environments, a question that is often asked is, "Do we still need Unicenter CA-MIM?" This document has been prepared by Computer Associates technical staff to help you understand the choices and make a good decision for DASD sharing. It outlines the benefits of Unicenter CA-MII.

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