Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management Event Console Logging Enhancement

Document ID : KB000055856
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A new enhancement has been added to Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management to help centralize your monitoring of Unicenter CA-Jobtrac with other Unicenter CA-Jobtrac systems and with other CA scheduling systems, such as Unicenter Autosys Job Management. The Event Console Logging (ECL) enhancement will route selected Unicenter CA-Jobtrac messages to the Unicenter Enterprise Job Manager or Unicenter Event Console. A new Unicenter CA-Jobtrac startup parameter, ECLNODE=, allows you to specify the node name or names of consoles to receive the messages. Multiple nodes can be specified and all messages sent will be sent to each node defined. You may optionally have the messages WTO'ed to the OS console, by specifying the ECLWTO=Y startup parameter. A third parameter, ECLLATE=Y, will create a message when a job is not submitted by its target time.

The messages that are reported are contained in a new module that is distributed in source, GJTREMSG. Customers can modify the macros in this source to prevent messages from being logged, force some messages to always be WTO'ed in addition to or instead of being logged, and to change the colors and attributes of the messages that are logged.

Messages logged include:

CA-JOBTRAC - Primary Submission System (sysid) Token(t) Release(r.m) LV(SPxx)
CA-JOBTRAC - Shutting Down (sysid) Token(t) Release(r.m) LV(SPxx)
TRAC015W - CA-JOBTRAC Master Scan Task on HOLD
TRAC050W Late, Not Submitted by Target Time - Event(eventname) Ver(osd.ver)
TRAC051E Completed Abnormally - Event(eventname) Ver(osd.ver) S/xxx ABEND
TRAC052I Completed Normally - Event(eventname) Ver(osd.ver)
TRAC053I Submitted - Event(eventname) Ver(osd.ver)
TRAC2097W Capture Job Not Found on Checkpoint, Bypassed Event(eventname)

Each message also tagged with the Sysid and Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Token of the system that created the message.

This enhancement is currently available as published PTF QO61017. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Support organization for Unicenter CA-Jobtrac at 214-473-1443.