Unexpected Maileater assignments during ticket generation

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Depending on the end user, a given mail that is sent in by that user will generate different results and demonstrate varying behaviour, despite the identical content found in the message and the same mailbox being used to send in the message.  Examples include inconsistent group or analyst assignment.  Also, no ticket generation at all.


Service Desk 12.x – present 


More often that not, there is a data partition or a Function Access setting that is specific to the end user’s assigned access type and role that is influencing case generation.


First, determine the nature of the problem.  Are there specific users who show consistent aberrant behaviour?

Second, examine their contact records, to confirm their access and contact types.

One will want to examine the assigned access and contact types and determine:

  • Function Access.  Is the user assigned rights to even create or Modify the given objects

  • Data Partition.  Is the user restricted in some way for certain objects.  Suggest looking at Create/Edit/View restrictions on tables such as Change_Request, Issue, Call_Request, and also Contacts (restrictions on viewing Contacts, which includes Groups) can affect how a case is assigned.

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