Unexpected ERROR AT ROW,COLUMN in ADS map

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Last Modified Date : 08/02/2019
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Entering non-standard characters (e.g. national language characters) into an ADS dialog map unexpectedly results in ERROR AT row,column.
The error only occurs when the Edit Picture in the MAPC field definition is changed.
CA-IDMS, all supported releases.
This error may be seen due to a combination of factors.

RHDCCODE is a user customizable module which defines, among other things, which EBCDIC characters are displayable in ADS maps.
EBCDIC character codes defined with TYPE=HEX in RHDCCODE are not displayable.
If a field on a map has the Automatic Editing attribute enabled, then at runtime, if a non-displayable character is entered into that field, the ADS mapping system will identify that field as being in error and will display the ERROR AT <row>, <column> message if no other error message is defined for the field.

Note that there are several editing attributes that can be set which will enable Automatic Editing, even if the "Automatically edited" flag is not specifically set by the user.
These attributes are documented at Enabling Automatic Editing and Error Handling.
Ensure that RHDCCODE has been created with the appropriate EBCDIC hex codes defined with TYPE=ALPHA.

During installation, the VARBLIST parameter RHDCCODE can be used to identify one of several different pre-configured input source files for the RHDCCODE assembly.
The provided source members generally only cover English language code pages and those of some western European languages.
If support is required for other code pages, e.g. Asian or eastern European languages, it may be necessary to code a site specific input source member for RHDCCODE.

Documentation on customizing RHDCCODE can be found at International Character Set Considerations.
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