Unexpected CAS9180E for product GT

Document ID : KB000071717
Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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We are seeing this message:-
CAS9180E - CPU xxxxxx Requires a LMP key to run Prod (GT)
Product GT is the CA-IDMS SQL Option which we don't use.
CA-IDMS r18.5.
CA-IDMS r18.5 has a feature called Web-Connect which means that a client can use up to two simultaneous SQL or Server sessions of CA-IDMS on the same LPAR even without having a valid licence for the SQL Option.
A CONNECT statement at the start of the input of a CA-IDMS utility execution will initiate an SQL session, even if none of the remainder of the input has anything to do with SQL.
For example, clients often think they need a CONNECT TO SYSTEM; as the first statement in a utility such as ARCHIVE LOG; or PRINT SPACE;.
The CONNECT statement is unnecessary but will cause no problem, unless more than two of them run concurrently, in which case the CAS9180E message will be issued.
Remove any superfluous CONNECT statements from the input of non-SQL related CA-IDMS batch utilities.
Additional Information:
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