Undocumented JCL2040I message coming out on TSO terminal using JCLTRAC

Document ID : KB000098942
Last Modified Date : 31/05/2018
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It seems that whenever any TSO user are using JCLTRAC to check a JCL member in ISPF EDIT that the following message, with a variety of token values, appears in OpsLog:
JCL2040I IEANTCR RC=0000 Name: "_CA-JOBTRAC_CWA " - Token: 000AC000 000C1A58  
JCLTRAC DEBUG option is on unless NODEBUG is specified .  This results in an informational message about storage area address being displayed.   
PTF ST00396 that corrects this problem.  With this PTF on, NODEBUG is now the default if never specified.   The DEBUG/NODEBUG option was not documented because it was only to be used when directed by support to display internal
information  for  level 2  to use for diagnostic purposes.  To circumvent this until the fix can be applied specify the keyword NODEBUG on the JCLTRAC command on the Edit screen.  

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.