Understanding attributes sysUpTime (0x10245) and snmpEngineBoots (0x230c52)

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Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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Understanding attributes sysUpTime (0x10245) and  snmpEngineBoots (0x230c52)
The attributes  sysUpTime (0x10245)  can be used to check how long a device has been up and along with snmpEngineBoots (0x230c52) can be used to see if a device has been rebooted.
They can also be used to see if a device is rebooted by checking these attributes sysUpTime (0x10245) and  snmpEngineBoots (0x230c52). 
If either of these values are less than the value from the previous SNMP Poll, Spectrum will create a reboot alarm.

SysUpTime should never be negative and is a vendor issue that should be reported to them if it is seen to be negative.
 If modeled in SNMPv1, it is possible that the SysUpTime counter will wrap, but it should never be negative.
System uptime (OID is a 32-bit value so once the system has been up for 1 year, 132 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes and 52.96 seconds the value will roll to 0 again.