Under CentOS 7.2, the Gen 8.6 GUI Build Tool splash screen displays briefly and then exits (java.lang.NullPointerException at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.setHost)

Document ID : KB000004506
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA Gen 8.6 GUI Build Tool fails to start on CentOS 7.2 i.e. the splash screen displays briefly and then exits.

If modify the $IEFH/bt/bldtool script if block "if [ "$1" = "" ]", replacing ">/dev/null" with ">bt.out" the bt.out file shows:


at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.setHost(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BThost.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.Hostinfo.add(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.BTGUI.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.MainProgramStarter.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.ca.gen.bt.Bldtool.Bldtool.main(Unknown Source) 

Error starting the build tool error = null 

CA Gen 8.6 Implementation Toolset running under CentOS 7.2

The Build Tool server also shows this error on startup

java.net.UnknownHostException: centos.localdomain: centos.localdomain: unknown error

This exception means that the server hostname "centos.localdomain" is not resolving to an IP Address


Add an entry for the server hostname with IP Address into the /etc/hosts file