Under a virtual environment the Gen Toolset Window Navigation Diagram shows some display related problems.

Document ID : KB000048331
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Under a virtual environment e.g. using VMware Player 6, VMware Workstation 10, or Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) to a virtual image, it has been observed that the Gen Toolset Window Navigation Diagram shows these display problems:

  • When a window is resized using the top or left border all the contained objects move in the opposite direction e.g. move the top border down and all the objects move up, so unless the user realises what is happening it is possible to unwittingly lose objects. This is not a problem when a window is resized using the right or bottom border.

  • When right mouse button with the cursor at the centre of the object the context menu displays in the expected position i.e. top left corner of menu is at cursor. Any other cursor position causes the context menu position to be erratic and the offset from the cursor position can be quite significant.

Neither of these behaviours has been recreated under a normal non-virtual Operating System so will not be investigated further per the "Virtualization Systems" statement in the Gen 8.x Technical Requirements documents. Users should refer any queries to their 3rd party virtualization vendor.