CA Gen model/subset download gives SQLCODE = -904 unavailable resource, REASON = ​​​​​​​00C90080 

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Last Modified Date : 19/03/2019
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Get SQLCODE = -904 unavailable resource, REASON = 00C90080 when trying to download a CA Gen model or a specific subset.  The problem appears for all models and users.
CA Gen z/OS
Restart the DB2 database resource with READ/WRITE access.

Db2 for z/OS 11.0.0 > Db2 codes > Db2 reason codes > X'C9......' codes:

An attempt was made to allocate a resource for update operations. However, the resource was already started for read-only access. 

System action 
The allocation process is not allowed.

Operator response 
If this reason code appears in message DSNT501I, determine whether the named resource should be started for read-only access. 

User response 
Determine when the resource is started for read/write access, and rerun the job.