Unable to View or Edit Blueprints in PPM new UX

Document ID : KB000124144
Last Modified Date : 11/01/2019
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Unable to view/edit Blueprints in the New User Experience (UX) in PPM/Clarity. One of the below errors is generated when trying to view/edit a Blueprint:
"API - 1019: Could not process the request due to an internal error" or "Blueprint meta-data could not be retrieved."
Note: No error is generated on Visuals or Modules pages.  

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Navigate to the New UX 
2. Click on the Administration menu 
3. Click on Blueprints 
4. When you click on the Standard Blueprint; the errors mentioned above appear 

Expected Results: You are able to access the Blueprints 
Actual Results: You receive one of the below errors and cannot not see details within the blueprint. 

"API - 1019: Could not process the request due to an internal error" or "Blueprint meta-data could not be retrieved"
This issue is caused by DE46290. This issue happens if a Default date on a Date attribute is set as a Specific Date and not as a Rolling Date. This issue is only applicable on API enabled objects and certain dates that involve scheduling such as the Project Finish Date. 

This issue is targeted to be fixed in PPM 15.6.


Change any impacted Default dates set as a Specific Date to a Rolling Date (or remove the Default). To find any attributes that are using a default date as a specific date, see the steps below:
  1. Log in to Classic UI in PPM.
  2. Go to Administration->Studio->Objects.
  3. Click on the Project object.
  4. Click on the Attributes tab.
  5. Review the Default column for any defaults set to a specific date.
  6. If any dates are found set with a specific date as the default, click on the attribute and change the default to be none by clearing out the Default Date set or change it to a Rolling date.