Unable to validate cloned Service Desk Manager (SDM) connection (sdgtw probe)

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Last Modified Date : 04/04/2018
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In the sdgtw probe if I create a clone of a "CA Service Desk Manager" valid connection, and then I click Actions > Validate, the verification fails with the below error message:

Validate Connection
Validation failed
Click close to close dialog

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UIM 8.x
sdgtw 1.40
If the "root" Service Desk Manager connection has been configured and it connects correctly, but the cloned instance fails to connect, the possible cause is one of the below:

 The "identifier" (instance id) contains a space in the name
•  The cloned connection configuration was not "saved" before clicking on "Action > Validate Connection"

If the "root" Service Desk Manager connection has been configured and it does not connect check the Knowledge base article: UIM - SDM Validation failed errot KB000073055 

In order to create a working Service Desk Manager connection clone please follow the steps below:

1) Clone the CA Service Desk Manager 
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2) Input an Instance that does not contain any space
3) Input an instance Name (Can contain spaces)

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4) Submit and click reload

5) When the page reloads the new cloned connection is displayed. At this point it is compulsory to "Save" the configuration. As the "Save" button is greyed out, make any change to the configuration. At this point the "Save" button will be active > Save the configuration. If no change needs to be done, make any change and revert back the change. This way the "Save" button will be active > Save the configuration. 

6) Check the connection by going to Action > Validate the connection 
Additional Information:
If you clone a SDM connection without following the suggestion described above the probe can enter a failure state. To recover the situation, open the probe raw configure and delete the profile from the raw configure and restart the probe. 

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