Unable to receive traps in Spectrum from devices, even though the device has been forwarding traps to the SpectroServer.

Document ID : KB000022948
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Unable to see any Traps being received by Spectrum though we see the device have been forwarding the traps to the SpectroServer and Trap destination set correctly.

Environment :

Spectrum 9.4 x, 10.x



Spectrum uses port 162 to receive traps from devices. In case this port is used by any other application, such as Microsoft SNMP Trap Service, Spectrum would not be able to receive any traps. In general, the Microsoft SNMP Trap Service binds to port 162 and in case the Trap Service is started before the SpectroServer, the SNMP Trap Service (snmptrap.exe) binds to the port 162 and will not allow the SpectroSERVER.exe to bind to 162 port.

In addition to the above problem, we see FAILURE TO BIND TO A TRAP PORT alarm generated on the VNM, which indicates the issue with the port. Verify by running >netstat -abn on the cmd prompt to list the Active Connections of the ports and the applications that are bound to the specific ports.

To fix the issue

  1. Find the process that is bound to port 162 and disable it.

  2. Restart the SpectroServer. That should get it bound to port 162 again.


Figure 1