Unable to Publish to Target with DataMaker due to virtual column

Document ID : KB000072398
Last Modified Date : 30/03/2018
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Trying to publish to the Data Target (Oracle), but can’t get the data from the source to deploy to the target. This is the error we received. Error 1400 for Row #1 in table IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT. ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("MORPHUS"."IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT"."TECH_DEBT_NM") No changes made to database. INSERT INTO MORPHUS.IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT ( TECH_DEBT_ID, TECH_DEBT_DESC, LAST_UPD_TS, LAST_UPD_BY_ID, CRT_BY_ID, CRT_TS, APPL_ID, OPT_INIT_ID, TECH_DEBT_STAT_ID ) VALUES ( 3963, 'Testing 123', '2018-01-30 15:14:21.204', '994292251', '632075549', '2018-01-08 15:52:15.830', '112307', 4, 2) Looking at the Insert statement in the error message above, the last 2 columns (FRND_TECH_DEBT_ID and TECH_DEBT_NM) are not in the Insert statement. 
You need to exclude the column. To exclude a column in Datamaker
  1. Go to the datapool.
  2. Select ‘action for registered objects’ under Projects menu.
  3. Right click on the target table and select ‘Maintain Table’.
  4. Under Exclude column for the 'frnd_tech_debt_id column select ‘ALL’ so that the column is excluded.
  5. Republish from Datamaker.
  6. Then try from portal.